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    Darnell, Mohamed & Rebecca will face eviction this week.

    One housemate will be evicted on Friday’s eviction show with Davina McCall. This is the first time that THREE housemates have been nominated.  The only other occasion that 3 or more housemates were up was during the Lisa/Luke/Mario/Stephanie twist.


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  • He feared that this meant she assumed he d marry her. In the mornings, when he would take to his library to read his gazette, he would always hoist me up into his lap and let me read aloud with him, all of the news from Parliament.
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    He was close to going to look for him, despite his ordering him home. Julian was as loyal as Jason to Lucas; and could be trusted.
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    UBB is currently under some construction. Me and Chemicle are working on it and the website should be up and running in a few days. The Housemates & Nominations page are working but are just minor posts, they will be changed and will be made better in the next few days.